Game Of Thrones 2019

Game Of Thrones 2019: The first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones was featured at the extravagant premiere in New York last week. The spoilers promise harassing violence and many singles that let us guess.

Fans, however, had the opportunity to watch the first shots of the last season in six games.
As usual, the producers did not give too much in the trailer for the plot of the 8th series, but simply give an idea of ​​what is in the store.

In the recently released trailer, we see Sansu Stark, who seems to betray John and Daenerys, watching them as they both go to their dragons.

German IT students have developed an application to search the Internet for data on the popular Game of Thrones series. Students at the Technical University of Munich use an algorithm to predict which characters will survive the most at the end of last season.

Project manager Guy Yachdaw said Friday survival rates will be calculated using a life expectancy analysis similar to the research used to study the effects of drug treatment. He added that although the analysis “relies on data from the fantasy world, in the real world the same methods of artificial intelligence are used.

Then John Snow and Queen Daenerys ride with their armies and the two remaining dragons fly around them.

A hint that Lady Sansa Stark may betray the dragons and her cousin John to claim the throne for herself.

The trailer begins with assassin Arya Stark, who runs into the catacombs at Winterfell under the blows of an unknown assailant – the only hint that the trailer gives about death.

She is carrying blood on her clothes as the caravan heads to another scene where she holds her sword and says, “I know death. He has a lot of faces, I can not wait to see that.

The video also seems to show that Brana, who was unable to walk in the first episode, is apparently down Winterfell when he sees the troops.

people count the sheep to fall asleep, Arya Stark tells the names of all those who hurt her. The goal, if you have not achieved the goal, is to literally scratch those names.

During the show, Arya was trained by the best in the industry and all this helped her become the most ruthless killer of Westeros. At first, Sirio Forel taught her the art of saber fighting, like the brave Braavosi, and then learned to defend herself in the inexorable world of Beagle. Recently, Arya returned from White and Black House, where she learned the art of disguise of the mysterious Faceless Men.

Cersei falsely accused Arya Ned Stark’s father of treason and organized his arrest during the first season. What began as a trickle of unpleasant events caused a flood of horror for the young Stark. First, Ned was executed, which resulted in a war in the north with the Lannisters, and many Arya families were killed in various horrific ways.

Cersei remains very animated and continues to feel comfortable on the iron throne. In any case, the golden-haired queen has become more powerful since she was added to the Arya list. Although at first sight Starks and Lannisters are now allied against the king of the night, it is unlikely that Arya’s thirst for revenge will be retained too long. Cersei probably looks at her.

This is a bit against the advice of “do not shoot the messenger,” but Payne cut off Ned Stark’s head on Joffrey’s orders. One can argue that he really had no choice, especially since Sir Ilyin had no language (he had been torn apart by the mad king), so he could not challenge the instruction .

Is he already dead?
We have not seen Elyn die on the screen, but the man who plays it, Wilko Johnson, Dr. Filgood, has not seen a wonderful battle with cancer in recent years. He is now recovering, so Ilene can return to the show.